Why Instagram?

Instagram was launched in 2010 and in just seven years they have over 500 MILLION users. It has evolved over the years with new designs, features, and even advertising options. Its community of users is continuously growing and keeping its existing users interested due to its innovative ways. People engage with visual content more than simply textual content across social media, and Instagram is the most prominent visual content platform on the internet. Their user engagement combined with their accommodation for business advertising makes for the perfect storm to brand your business on this platform.



The question you should always ask before you do anything in business is “why?” There are many reasons that make it worth your time to promote your brand on Instagram.


It is great exposure for your business because people can get a visual of what your place looks like, learn how your product or service works, and can understand more about who you really are. You gain credibility when people can see the faces behind the business.

Lead Generation

You have the ability to view the profiles of the people who like your posts and can determine if they are in your target market. Also, you should have a quality call to action in your posts to generate more leads for your business. A poor call to action can result in a waste of your time.

Drive Traffic

The goal of almost all digital marketing is to drive traffic to your website. You can place a link to your website on your Instagram bio. A call to action that works for a lot of businesses is asking the viewers to click the link in the bio for more information.

Advertising Pay-per-click

Instagram is a Facebook-owned company so they are advanced in helping businesses advertise. They have many different options for advertising on Instagram. You are able to promote one picture, a carousel of pictures, a video, a carousel of videos, or any combination of them. Unlike when you buy an ad spot in a magazine, buying advertising on Instagram allows you to pay for just the number of people who engage with your post.


One of the best qualities of using digital marketing rather than any other form of marketing, you are able to measure your results down to the last click. Instagram gives businesses that feature as well. Here are all the stats that you are able to sift through to make sure your campaign is working properly.

# of Clicks – The number of times anybody engaged with your post whatsoever

Likes – The number of times people appreciated your post enough to press the like button

Cost per Click – How much you are paying per click

Cost per View – How much you are paying per view

Click Through Rates – The percentage of people who were directed to your landing page versus the # of impressions

Cost per Lead – How much you are paying per lead that was generated

Lead to Customer Conversion – How often your leads are converted into customers

All in all, Instagram is a great way for you to build brand awareness and eventually popularity. There are plenty of success stories of small businesses that turned into a big business through their consistent work on promoting their brand through Instagram, even in the relatively short amount of time Instagram has been around. We hope this blog has given you value and good luck on taking over Instagram! If you need any help, click the button below!