When Is It Worth It To Use Paid Social Media?

There's a lot of misconceptions about using the paid features of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. People frequently say that spending money on Facebook ads isn't worth it and that promoted tweets don't produce any action. But if that were true, why would these options be offered in the first place?

Buying Traffic =/= Buying Followers

There is also a darker side to the paid aspects of social media, one of them being followers. If your Facebook page has been lacking in likes and your follower count on Twitter isn't very impressive, you might've been tempted by services that sell you followers.

Never, ever buy followers! This is a dirty tactic that won't actually do anything to grow your brand. The person selling you followers will artificially increase your count with bots that won't actually engage with you or buy what you're selling. However, when you do a promoted tweet or take out ad space on Facebook it's not on the same page as this shady practice.

Paid social media is a means of buying traffic, not buying followers.

Pretty Worth It! Learn More,  HERE

Pretty Worth It! Learn More, HERE

What's the Ideal Situation for Paid Traffic?

If your business is brand new and has absolutely no following yet, that is the perfect time to use paid social media! By highly targeting your ads to the exact interests and/or demographics that you want to market to, you are speeding up your social media growth exponentially. While organic growth through following related accounts, having a solid content strategy, and engaging with other accounts' followers and influencers is extremely important to your overall online presence and brand strategy, it also takes forever. When your business has no following whatsoever, paid social TRAFFIC is precisely what you need.

If your business is more established and you're looking to enter a new market (such as if your shop is opening in another state) or capture a new demographic, paid social media is also extremely helpful here. It also happens to be less costly than other methods of scoping interest in new markets.

Even if you are a god among Twitter accounts with tens of thousands of followers, promoted tweets can easily turn that to hundreds of thousands of followers.

Worth it? Totally.