How An SMB Owner Can Improve Their Social Media Game?!

In terms of social media, it pays to be a small business. Not only did 92% of the people who responded to a Social Media Examiner survey say that social media marketing was essential for their small business, but it's also a perfect way to generate the types of opportunities a smaller organization in particular can depend on. Not only does social media marketing lead to increased exposure and increased Web traffic, but you also get to cultivate newer, loyal fans, gain insight into your marketplace and so much more.

However, it's important to understand that just being on social media isn't enough. If you truly want to empower your social media campaigns, you'll need to keep a few key things in mind.

It's All in the Plan

Although social networking has a certain intimacy and "fly-on-the-wall" quality to it, the content you're putting out into the world on Facebook and Twitter is NOT something you want to just "make up as you go along." Small businesses in particular need to come up with a content strategy or some type of editorial calendar that answers the following questions about EVERY piece of content you create:

  • Why am I publishing this?

  • Who is this for?

  • When is it going live?

This will help give every tweet, every blog post and every other piece of content you publish a goal to work towards. Indeed, USA Today lists a lack of a plan as one of the major mistakes that small businesses make on social media.

Engagement is Your Priority Now

Remember that above all else, your goal with social media is to get people to engage with your business. Traffic, purchases and other factors are all ultimately ways to measure that level of engagement. People are busy and distracted these days with their attention being fragmented in countless different directions. Because of this, you must give them a REASON to pay attention to everything you put on social media.

Post frequent discounts and other promotions. Cover hot-button news topics within your industry. Write editorials with an honest perspective they won't find anywhere else. If you're able to master the fine art of engaging with your target audience and not just "speaking at them," everything else will largely take care of itself.