Why An SMB Should Consider Outsourcing Digital Marketing?

Running a small business is not an easy task by any means. Time is precious, and there are no breaks when keeping the quality of your service at its highest. Marketing your small business’ brand is a full-time job in itself. When the balancing act of providing quality service and executing a digital marketing campaign gets too much, you are left with two choices. You either hire a digital marketing manager, or you outsource to a digital marketing agency.

Here are 7 reasons why an SMB should outsource their digital marketing.

1. No Staffing Problems

When you are relying on an employee to do your digital marketing, they are expecting benefits like vacation and sick days. Those benefits are rightfully deserved as well but can be costly for a small business.  You either have to pick up the slack and your quality suffers or vice-versa.  A strong digital marketing company does not have vacation or sick days. There should always be someone there to take care of your marketing needs. By outsourcing, you should get a company that has a vested interest in the success of your business and if somebody takes a sick day, the slack will be picked up somewhere else on their team.

2. Team of Experts/Cost

When paying one employee to be your marketing director, they expect a fair salary. Here is a list of the average salaries for marketing employees. 

  • Digital Marketing Manager: $73K
  • Web Designer: $47K
  • Social Media Manager: $49K
  • SEO Marketer: $60K
  • Content Writer: $55K
  • Graphic Designer: $53K

If you are paying somebody less for one of these positions, they are most likely under qualified to execute your digital marketing efficiently.  Outsourcing lowers your risk and you reap the benefits of hiring an entire digital marketing department, at a fraction of the cost. You should receive a team of experts who have years of experience working in your industry and proven strategies that work.

3. Assured Return on Investment

When a digital marketing agency agrees to make a deal with you, they are making a promise to give you a healthy ROI that validates their work.  A good digital marketing company should have long-term clients. Our long-term clients are reaping the benefits and we thank you for being with our firm for almost 3 years.

4. Always Going to be with the Times on Industry Updates

A digital marketing company is immersed in the digital environment. The social media and internet era is only advancing further and further every day. Having a firm that stays on top of digital trends is paramount to your SMB's long-term success. 

5. Ongoing Optimization

Digital marketing companies need to prove their ROI so they should never slow down optimizing your content. In this digital age, everybody is optimizing their content. Consistent optimization is a major factor to stay in successful search positions. Competition is the spice of life, so be rest assured they will be working to replace you and your digital agency should be doing the same.  

6. Do More with Less

One of the best parts about hiring a digital marketing company is you can do more with less. Let the agency take care of getting you traffic; you just have to focus on delighting people who come in the door.

7. Latest Technology

A digital marketing company has all the tools you would need to be competitive in today's digital landscape. In order for their work to be top notch, they need to have top notch gear. That is something you don’t have to pay for. When they need the latest camera or content management system, that is their duty to upgrade.

We have a vested interest in our client base.  If we don't deliver an ROI, how will our agency grow its business and reputation? The reason we are still in business today is we generate results for our clients quickly!