Why your SMB needs social media management?

Whenever I go home (my parents’ house) my mom will always ask me to fix something on her IPad, TV remote, or ask me a question about Facebook.  Most of the time it’s an easy fix… a flip of a button, turning a device off and back on to get it to work, or my favorite telling my mom she can’t “creep” on someone’s profile without “friending them” first.  My mom makes me feel like I’m an IT genius. Which is far from the truth, most of the time I’m just pressing buttons and hoping that that fixes the problem.

I think about that situation a lot, now that I work at a digital marketing firm.  Especially when I speak to small businesses about social media management. A phrase I hear all too often is “I have one of the young kids in the office work on Facebook, they know how to post” nothing against “young people” I use to be one or still am depending on whom you talk to, but if they don’t know how to properly run a social media campaign than your throwing your money away.

I mentioned that I’m new to digital marketing, I recently joined the Christopher August Firm.  So far, I’ve spent a lot of my time watching and listening to employees and customers. It didn't take me long to see the big picture, employees are working with customers to create strategies that will help drive business their way.   It goes way beyond posting, if your not seeing the ROI maybe you should ask your social media manager these questions.

A good Social Media Management Firm should:

  • Know who your customers are and what social platforms they’re active on

  • Use metrics to measure engagement and leads

  • Engages with customers in post - think about it, if a customer ask a question in your store you wouldn't ignore them

  • Have the right software, tools, and staff to keep your platforms updated w/ content

  • Listen and connect with the audience, and when you’re listening you can help the customer along their journey.

  • Blog!  See what they have written lately and ask for samples.

Social media is an active part of every business and it's too large and important, to leave to chance. It is a critical vessel for building brand awareness, creating leads and staying engaged with customers. In 2016, 78% of Americans had a social media profile & it’s probably increased since people increasingly use social channels to interact with brands. Customers also like to use social media to ask for recommendations, boast about the products and services they love, and grumble about bad customer experiences they had.  

Your customers want you to respond to them when they reach out to you. They want a quick and accurate response. Ask yourself if it’s time to start looking for a team that can help you with your social media management.  Don’t leave it up to the “young guy” in the office, don’t be my mom.