Why Shop Local for Your Digital Marketing

Running a small business isn’t for the weak. Working from morning to night, always doing something to improve your business. You are trying to convince everybody in the community the benefits of shopping local. There are many benefits like building your community, strengthening the local economy, creating jobs, and much more. The question is, are you listening to your own advice when you make decisions on how to grow your business. Those other reasons are great but there are real reasons you should pay attention to when deciding between a big advertising agency from somewhere like New York and a local digital marketing agency here in good ole’ Indianapolis.

Let’s look at the reasons for going local that will help GROW your business better than the big guys can.

Better Customer Service

Everybody wants to feel wanted. That is just nature. When using a local digital marketing company like us, we will come meet you face to face from the very beginning. We want to hear your biggest problems you face, opportunities you want to take advantage of, and what vision you have for your company. We custom tailor your online presence in the way you always envisioned it. We truly care about your business. The bigger companies have so many clients that if they don’t please you and you drop them, they wouldn’t bat an eye. 

We are a small company just like you so we don’t work a traditional 9-5 day. If you need us to make a change or start working on a project, with no hesitation we are at your service. You are also working with the experts. None of your work is being delegated to a summer intern who is just trying to get his credits for school. Our owner/founder is personally helping build our clients’ websites and plugging in their SEO work.

Understand local digital trends

We live in the area, know the vocabulary people from Indianapolis use, and understand what platforms are popular locally. Keywords can make or break a company’s visibility on search engine results. We also have heard of, or been to, your business before and understand who your competitors are.

More Cost Efficient

As a small business owner, you probably need justification for every dollar you spend. By going to a big company, you will be paying a premium for their name. Paying for a big name is not necessarily a justifiable cost. At our local digital marketing company, you are paying for results. The good thing about digital marketing compared to any other form of advertising is the analytics. Every move on the internet is tracked. We can prove that our work is bringing you business by how many people see, click, like, share, make a purchase, and call you from the digital presence we craft. Our clients have been with us since the beginning (2.5 years) because they are seeing the justifiable results. In addition, our ability to solve their problems QUICKLY and EFFICIENTLY at a price that shows a very healthy ROI!

We hope this blog was useful for you. We offer a free digital audit that can help you understand where you stand online, explore opportunities you are missing, and what you can do about it.