Is SEO a one-time service?

Now, this is the question that we as an established boutique digital marketing agency get asked quite often. We feel it’s nothing to blow off or get irritated about, but something that comes up quite often. Its natural as SEO is a time consuming and somewhat expensive process, but it yields results that far surpass the investments made. Hence, if someone asks us this question, we feel obliged to provide them with a reasonable answer.

Well to speak the truth, the plain and simple answer to this question is a hard “NO.” This yelling “No” is not written here because we want to hurt our business. It’s here because we want our clients to reap the long-term benefits of SEO.

SEO is an ongoing process and requires an equal amount of hard work day in and day out. It’s not like month 1 it's hard work and month 6 we are enjoying our lives. To state it in even simpler words, “One-time SEO effort is never enough.”

Reasons why having a long-term SEO strategy and service is necessary

SEO is based on data and analytics. There are no fixed rules here. Every month or even before that, a good SEO company has to dig deep in analytics and modify their efforts. Getting top ranks on search engines is one part of the story and sustaining them is another.

1. The Algorithm Changes

We don’t own Google. Google works in mysterious ways. They update their search engine ranking algorithm regularly bringing in changes that we can only guess. Hence, an ongoing SEO campaign is the only way to ensure that when the evolution hits, your website survives.

2. Content Building

The only thing that we know for sure as far as search engines are concerned is that they love good content. Content is the single static variable in the hyperdynamic world of Google, or any other search engine that you might feel is worth being ranked on. Building quality and logic based SEO content is the most time consuming and tiring task that we as an SEO company have to undertake. Content is the king, and it demands due respect. I think it would be clear by now that going for one time SEO means having the same stale content on your site. Doing this will make things rosy for a short while, but over time it will surely stink up the place. Since creating good quality content is trait synonymous with ongoing SEO efforts, you indeed need a continuous SEO campaign and strategy for your website.

3. Maintaining the Juice

As we have mentioned earlier, getting top ranks is one story and keeping them is another. Once top ranking positions are acquired, it is time to maintain them over the long run. Maintaining these highly sought out positions requires every tool in our SEO arsenal, needless to say, that it would only happen if we have a long-term SEO campaign running. Top ranks ensure constant in-flow of relevant traffic and better brand visibility, both of which always result in better earnings.

We hope that the points mentioned above would help shed some light on why going for a long-term SEO service is always recommended. In case you have any further queries, please feel free to write us an email. We would be happy to help.

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