Is Your SEO Work Being Optimized For the Future?

One of the major challenges that marketers have faced for about as long as SEO has existed is that they're essentially trying to hit a moving target. The definition of "quality SEO practices" is constantly changing, making it difficult to keep up if you aren't paying as much attention as possible. Gone are the days where keywords were your number one asset and even the era where mobile friendliness reigned seems to be evolving into something else entirely, as evidenced by things like Google Home. If your SEO work isn't being optimized for the future, neither are your marketing efforts...

What is Google Home?

Google Home is more than just a digital assistant - it's essentially Google going "all in" on voice-only search. Considering that the vast majority of relationships between a consumer and a business begin with a search engine, this is absolutely something you need to be aware of moving forward.

Pic Credit -  Google

Pic Credit - Google

In many ways, optimizing your SEO for the future to consider things like Google Home becomes all about intent. How is the way that people search through voice-only means different from how they search when they're sitting in front of their computer keyboard? How does Google return the most relevant answer to a search BASED on that intent when it "knows" people are searching with their voice versus with their fingers?

All of these are important questions with answers that are still developing organically. However, there ARE a few things that you can start doing in the short-term to help experiment and use these new trends to your advantage. You need to understand the TYPES of searches that products like Google Home will affect and identify where marketing opportunities present themselves and where they are now essentially closed off. According to Search Engine Land, the two categories that present the biggest opportunities for marketers today are "Facts and Information" and "Local Guide," which is where the majority of your efforts in this realm should be focused - at least in the short-term.