If you own a local business, who are your customers most likely going to be? Your best bet is to target your message towards the local community. There is a saying that goes “Fish where the fish are.” What do you think that means? In order to be seen by the local community, your brand and content need to be visible where the local community spends their time. Guess what… we have the right place for you. Let’s dig deeper into why your company needs to be on the Nextdoor App.


What is the Nextdoor App?

The Nextdoor app is a social network that is exclusive to neighborhoods and is bringing communities closer together more than ever. Even though this app is nationwide, it creates segmented local communities so residents of neighborhoods can communicate to each other information that relates to their community like finding babysitters, reporting a local crime, endorsing local businesses, finding missing pets, setting up neighborhood block parties, and anything else in that nature.

Why Use the Nextdoor App for Your Local Business?

Nothing beats word-of-mouth these days with all the scams around each corner. One of the first things consumers do now when researching a company is check their reviews before making a purchasing decision. An endorsement from a trusted peer in their neighborhood trumps any online review. The Nextdoor app makes it easy for neighbors to give praise to a local business that did great work for them. Also, the same goes for somebody asking through the app if their neighbors have anybody they trust with a certain job they need to be done. If you provide a quality service, you can turn one customer into a whole neighborhood of customers! When you set up your local business profile, you are capable of monitoring your reputation, view where your recommendations are coming from, and reply to comments made about your business. There is no better way to gain warm, quality leads than interacting with potential customers on the Nextdoor app.

We are a full-service digital marketing company and are experienced with social media management across many different platforms. We have found the Nextdoor app to be a very successful method for local businesses to grow their brand, trust, and credibility. If you need any help setting up and running your Nextdoor business page along with the rest of your social media pages, contact us by clicking the button below.