Meet Generation Z

You've heard of Gen X, the Baby Boomers, and the Millennial generation, but if you are not marketing to Generation Z, then you are missing easy business. Let's take a look at who Generation Z is and the kind of business you can expect to do with them.


Who is Generation Z?

Generation Z is not the Millennial generation - that is Gen Y. Gen Z is defined as those born after 1995, and in many ways, they are the exact opposite of the Millennial generation. Gen Z grew up in chaos, they are more mature than any generation in history at their age, they are looking to work early, they have babies early, and they have incredibly thick skin.

How Does Generation Z Buy?

"Vertical commerce brands," or companies that begin online rather than in a physical storefront, is the term that you need to learn. You do not have to necessarily be a vertical commerce brand to sell to Gen Z; you just need to act like one. These are the young people who have no problem doing all of their day to day commerce on a smart phone. As a matter of fact, they expect it. What the Millennial generation would call "convenience," Generation Z calls "normal." If you do not have a responsive website, then to Gen Z, you literally do not exist.

How Can I Reach Generation Z?

You need a business that is fully responsive online. You need to solve problems quickly, and you must speak to Gen Z in their language (quick, short, visual data bites). Your company must show authenticity and social responsibility. Gen Z are the children of the 9/11 New York bombings and the 2008 housing crisis - they want to make a positive difference, and they have so many choices for their commerce that they have the room to demand it of the companies that they patronize. 

In short, Generation Z is the first fully online generation. However, if you think that being online makes this generation somehow cold or disaffected, you are definitely confusing Gen Z with Gen Y. Your company must meet this generation where they are and speak to them in an upfront way. Solve problems and make your brand known as a change agent in the larger world, and you will do quite well with this young generation that is growing up faster than any of us.

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