Expand Your Business with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a fantastic platform for B2B marketing. Users are engaged on LinkedIn more than any other social media platform. LinkedIn is a place for learning how to enhance your business or career instead of entertainment. When running a small to medium size business, you can significantly build your brand, credibility, and trust through LinkedIn when done the right way.

Here are some helpful tips to execute your LinkedIn marketing campaign.


The only way for people to notice you is by generating and pushing out content. The more valuable and engaging the content is, the more beneficial it is for your business. When people click the like or share button, many more people who are not in your immediate network will view your content. This ultimately builds your brand awareness. There are multiple forms of content that are LinkedIn members will relate and engage with.

  • Blogs
  • Case Studies
  • Webcasts
  • How to videos

Company Pages

Setting up a company page is free. Be sure to add your company logo to the profile picture instead of a picture of yourself. Your cover photo should be of your workplace, staff, or anything else to personify your company. It is important to include links to your website, newsletters, blogs, and other social media channels on your page. To turn viewers into conversions, they need a way to link to your website to either make a purchase or discover how to make a purchase. It also helps to link from your website to your LinkedIn page. LinkedIn makes it easy to allow website visitors to follow you on LinkedIn with a click of one button. Your employees most likely have their own personal LinkedIn pages. Encourage them to follow, like, comment, and share your company’s LinkedIn posts. They should be your biggest supporters.

Sponsored Updates

Sponsored Updates is the fast easy way to build your brand awareness with your specific target market. When pushing out a sponsored update, you can specify the gender, race, work industry, level of seniority, and much more! You have the choice to pay per impression or per click. This is one of the best prospecting tools for your business there is. The name of the game is attracting new followers and driving new leads.


A very important factor in the LinkedIn process is the level of analytics it offers. You are able to track conversions that come from your LinkedIn efforts. You are able to see how many people viewed your posts, clicked on the link, what business they work for, and what position they hold. This helps you build leads and understand who is paying attention to your business. You are able to understand which posts drive the most traffic and which don’t. When you start to understand the trends that go with each style of post you publish, you are able to focus solely on the types of posts that work the best.

LinkedIn has helped many businesses thrive and will continue to help much more. It has proven that it is not just a quick fad. It is growing every day and you have to ability to take advantage of it.

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