How To Better Engage Your Facebook Audience?

Facebook has helped many businesses grow exponentially in the last few years. With 558K people in Indianapolis on Facebook and 1.28 BILLION in total, there is all the opportunity in the world to grow your brand. It is not as simple as just setting up a page though.

Have you ever noticed at a party or a little get together, there are usually one or two people that steal the show? They seem to attract all the attention and everybody are engaged in what they have to say. You ever notice why they are capable of attracting all that attentiveness? It usually comes down to three common factors. They are either the most interesting, attractive, or engaged themselves. Most of the time it is all three together. If you want your business to steal the show on Facebook, it is no different from that person at the party.

Now you have to apply that to your target audience. What does your target audience find interesting? How do you make your brand attractive to your target audience? How are you going to intrigue your target market to engage with your brand? Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to grow your brand...

Facebook Algorithm

Facebook doesn’t show everybody that follows your page every post just because they follow you. People have thousands of Facebook friends and follow numerous business or interest pages. Facebook sifts through the ones that they deem most important and relevant to show the viewer. The algorithm uses three factors to manage this process. They include affinity, weight, and timeliness.

  1. Affinity-This is determined by how much previous interaction there has been between the two Facebook users. People who comment on and like each other’s posts constantly will have more of a chance of seeing their next post on their feed. The more you interact with a follower, the more of a chance they will see your brand while scrolling through their Facebook!
  2. Weight-Certain types of interactions pull more weight in Facebook’s eyes. I’ll put it simply for you in one line. Share > Comment > Like > Post Click.
  3. Timeliness-This is a given. The older the post, the less relevant it is to the viewer. The less relevant it is to the viewer; the less likely Facebook deems it important enough to put on their newsfeed. This is why it is very important to publish your posts at optimal times. If your target market is the 9 to 5 worker, don’t post your content at 10 in the morning. By the time they got off work, your post isn’t relevant anymore in the eyes of Facebook.

Make it Personal

The number one way to get people engaged with your business on Facebook is to make it personal. Facebook was made for people to share personal stories, achievements, highs, and lows. It was not formed as a sales platform. People check their newsfeed to be entertained or informed about interesting material.

When your business post interesting things going on around the shop or what you are doing out in the community. Your business will feel more genuine to your followers. If you ditch the sales pitch and start being more personal. Ultimately it makes your brand more human and relatable. People will engage with that.

Being responsive to what people are saying on your page or anybody that tags your page is a great way to make your page more personal. People will feel more connected to your brand when they have a dialogue with your company. Plus, it helps the affinity factor in Facebook’s algorithm. It might come to a surprise to you but about 95% of companies do not respond to comments or tags. This gives you the opportunity to be in the top 5% of engaging customers that people can feel connected with!


Visuals like pictures, photo albums, and videos bring life to your business Facebook page. Engagement skyrockets by well over 100% when visuals are posted. Visuals will catch the viewer’s eye better than strictly text. Many people who use Facebook scroll through their feed quickly until something interesting pops out to them. At Christopher August, we live by this tip and only publish posts that have engaging visuals.

Tip: A simple trick to increase engagement is to post a picture and ask for viewers to give their own caption.

Keep It Interesting

You can do all the above but if your content isn’t interesting, then it was all a waste of time. You don’t want to be predictable, you want people to be engaged. Simple things like making posts that relate your company to current events. Asking questions for feedback or what is their favorite item at your shop or store. The key is to MIX IT UP! It is good to be funny sometimes and informative other times. If you can do it at the same time, then do it! Interesting and funny mean completely different things to different people. You want to know your audience. You want your content to relate with the people who are going to buy or use your product or service. If it is interesting enough, people with engage with it by sharing, commenting on, and liking your content which pushes your brand to their circle of friends which will lead to more customers!