7 Tips To Help You Build A Small Business Brand

The concept of the 40 year career with the gold watch is a thing of the past - monetizing your passion is where you need to be today. Regardless of your industry, here are top tips to help you build a small business brand.

Love comes first.

You may have to stay at your day job for a few more years until people catch up to your passion, but under no circumstances should you follow a trend for money. You won't make it.

Get your URLs now.

Try to put relevant keywords in your URL, and keep the same brand name across all social media so that you can be easily found by your customers. Buy your URLs now so that you don't have to compete for them later.7

Get ready to blog.

As soon as you become a small business person, you become a marketer, so get ready to blog, vlog or start going to trade shows. Hopefully all three.

Understand your market.

You are probably not the first person to have your idea, and you don't need to be. If there are competitors, watch them. Fill a need that they do not.

Start smiling right now and don't stop!

People have more choice than ever, and they buy from people they like. People like people who smile, so learn to smile, and don't stop unless your doctor tells you.

Start saving!

Most businesses do not fail because of a lack of passion or product. They fail because they are underfunded! Start saving now so that you can survive the bumps.

Put money into branding!

The money you put into branding must be different from the money that you put into R&D or distribution and fulfillment. There is no way around this, so do not try any shortcuts!