3 Digital Trends That Will Affect Your Small Business

The world changes at a faster pace than ever before, and your business especially need to take note. The ever-expanding world of digital marketing means that people are more likely to find out about you online first, even if you've got a brick-and-mortar location in a high-traffic area. If you're still in analog, here's some things you need to take note of.

1. You are more likely going to take care of customer service on social media.

If a customer has a particularly bad experience, they're unfortunately more likely to take it online than they are to deal with it privately in email, over the phone, or in person. Complaining on the internet has pretty much taken the place of baseball as an all-American pastime. However, you can use this to your advantage by providing stellar customer service and going out of your way to make things right for the customer and people WILL see this.

2. Infographics are hot.

Blogging can be an effective way to market your business, pay-per-click ads have their place in digital marketing, and naturally you need cool things to share on social media: and people love to share infographics. You need to adapt to this trend no matter what. Even if you've got a pizza shop or a pottery studio, chances are there's some kind of really cool infographic that you can create and pass around that has useful, insightful, and/or entertaining facts about your product or field. You can find some examples, HERE

3. Community building is going to be essential to your long-term survival.

Traditional sales and marketing methods are dying out. Fostering a community through social media, blogging, and other methods of getting people interested in your brand is the wave of the future. The difference between a customer and a community member is that the former may buy from you occasionally while the latter will go out of their way to tell other people about your business.