Chris C, Founder & Creative Director

Chris C, Founder & Creative Director


First of all, thank you for visiting our site!  I hope you find the information we've shared valuable. If not, my team and I are always open to your feedback and suggestions. 

Before Christopher August, I worked for some pretty recognizable media companies and had several opportunities that left me feeling grateful for all the knowledge and experience they gave me. Towards the last year of my tenure with those companies I always felt I could offer my clients more: more transparency, more information, and better overall customer service. Working for larger organizations can be challenging as you want what's best for your company as well as your clients. No matter how hard I tried, I never found that balance.  Even when we were wrong, the philosophy “the customer is always right” never applied. Mistakes can be forgiven – we all make mistakes from time to time; however, it is important to acknowledge a mistake when you make it. This recognition provides you with the opportunity to learn from your mistake. Long story short, my hands were tied and my ability to service clients the right way (what I felt was the right way), didn't matter to my employers.  I couldn't continue to operate in that fashion so I found a solution - Christopher August (August is my middle name).    

Now, I have 100 percent control over the operations and how we take care of clients/customers.  My passion, and something I learned from my job in college at Baesler's Market a locally owned grocery store, is "the customer is always is right!"  I remember watching the owner interact with his customers – every day he would go above and beyond for them. That experience taught me the value of maintaining positive, mutually beneficial relationships and instilled in me a purpose to serve customers and clients the right way. As Christopher August continues to grow, my goals are simple....Be upfront with your clients, deliver results, and most importantly - provide excellent customer service. 

Founder, Chris A. Costa