Why Should I Use Content Marketing?

There's a lot of buzz about content marketing: after all, over 4.6 billion pieces of content are created per day! Content marketing actually isn't as young as other forms of digital marketing and has interesting history. It goes as far back as the Jell-O recipes as a means to sell the product. Content is how brands develop a voice by telling stories, whether these stories are entertaining, inspiring, timely, helpful, or some combination of the above. Blogs, site copy, e-books, stories, tutorials, guides, recipes, and so much more can be part of your content strategy.

Why Do I Need Content Marketing?

Provides Quality Leads

Content strategy is integral in the digital age to both engage your current customer base as well as gain more leads. B2B companies that have regularly-updated blogs generate 67% more leads than companies that don't, and 70% of consumers prefer getting to know a company via its blog posts, articles, social media posts, and other content that comprises its brand voice than becoming familiar with their ads. 

Greater Permanence Than Other Digital Marketing Methods

From an SEO point of view, content is the best value for your money.  Content is forever. It will keep on driving traffic to your website even years after it's been posted, and it will rise in the search rankings if it's genuinely helpful instead of awkwardly stuffed with keywords. You can always retweet, repost, and revamp old content in addition to putting new content out there pertaining to the most cutting edge issues in your field.

Are You Reaching Your Audience?  Is Your Content Tailored To Future Generations? 

Are You Reaching Your Audience?  Is Your Content Tailored To Future Generations? 

How Can I Measure My Content's Effectiveness?

Are people sharing your content on social media, through email, and other means a lot? If so, it was effective! Content is meant to be shared. If you're getting more email list signups, social media followers, and leads interested in working with you as a result of the content you've put out there then your content strategy is working.



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