Why Kim Kardashian Will Never Be Good At SEO

You're overwhelmed at the prospect of tackling SEO and digital marketing so you're looking at various marketing agencies. You pop "small business marketing" into your search engine of choice and pore over the results, and pick the most impressive-looking agency you can find that looks like it's well-staffed. Little do you know that you basically just hired Kim Kardashian.

Well, maybe not Kim Kardashian per se..... 

But chances are that you just hired a salesperson who presented just as much shiny veneer and even hype, but wound up just being all gloss and no substance.

Small business marketing, particularly SEO and local elements of SEO, really isn't something that should be left to the large agencies that can pump thousands into their advertising. They have very slick sales teams who will be very sweet to you and tell you everything that you want to hear.

Your small business isn't likely to benefit from the general marketing services that they're trying to sell you: those large agencies mostly sell things like directory listings and bare basic social media management.  You're fulfillment team is likely out of state and being managed by recent college grads with zero experience in your industry not to mention a 100 other accounts to manage across the country.  While the website and sales literature, or even a gorgeous office set up is in some prime real estate, it's all gloss!

GIF From  Giphy  &  GQ

GIF From Giphy & GQ

Those perky salespeople sell these practically useless packages to you all wrapped up in a Tiffany bow, but this experience is really not that dissimilar to shopping at a "buy here pay here," car lot. It's not the best thing for your individual needs, but all commission is green.

Real true SEO and social media strategy that has long-term value and adapts to your unique business needs may be just semi-gloss opposed to Kim Kardashian levels of flashiness.  But while we'd like your business we don't go out of our way to just make a sale, any sale, because our services are too valuable for that.