Why Keyword Research Is the Most Important Part of Digital Marketing?

This question “Why Keyword Research Is the Most Important Part of Digital Marketing?”, actually baffles us from all the angles. My God this is the biggest question of all, Why? Well for starters we see two things in the title of the article.

Keyword Research & Digital Marketing

The truth is that the entire science of digital marketing is tied to keywords. Keywords are the holy grail of the digital marketing and digital mass communication systems. Nothing in the world of digital marketing would move without keywords.

The audience and the marketers only have one thing to reach each other in the digital world and that's the keywords. Keywords are like addresses that you give out and seek to reach your destination online. Having the wrong keywords in your web presence is like sending the wrong address of your shop to your customers. Visitors will come but they won't serve any purpose, and the right ones will never reach you. It's that serious.

See keyword research is the foundation of all digital marketing efforts. You should know what your audience is searching for. Once you know that then you can proceed with other steps. Keyword research also lets you know about the competition that you are going to face. So now you have two key elements which can help you carve that perfect marketing plan. One is the keywords that people are searching on and second how much efforts that I as a marketer have to put in to reach some meaningful end.

Most of the people associate keyword research with SEO, and it's not the ultimate truth. Keyword research is the foundation on which entire digital marketing is built upon. SEO, SMM, SEM, CRO everything comes later. First comes the keyword research.

It is this research that helps the content creators create compelling content that would sell. The content that would become viral and result in billion hits for the website. Ever seen that viral ad video and wondered how the heck did they pull that off. Well, my brother, it's all in the keyword research and nothing else.

Can't we just guess the keywords? Won't it save time?

To answer this let me ask you a question first? Is it you who is the ultimate prospect that needs to be targeted! No, its the larger audience, and you have to sell what they want and not what you feel and believe that they would like to have. There is no guesswork in the business. It's a pure number game. Either you sell what people want or somebody else will do that in your place. So don't guess, just research.

Importance of keyword research cannot be overemphasized. Keywords are eyes of the digital marketing, without them you are as good as blind and directionless. So, it is always wise to invest some time in keyword research, it will save you lots of pain and would earn you big rewards both in the short and the long run.