Why is Unique Content Important for SEO?

Content is what acts as an identifier for your brand/organization/service/product online. Content is the king, was the king and will always remain the king as far as digital space is concerned. Importance of quality unique content for the entire digital marketing efforts including SEO cannot be overemphasized. 

Unique Content: Why take the Pain? 

Well for answering this question, let's churn our memories a bit. Remember back at school teachers taught us that the Internet is called the information superhighway. Read the words again, Internet = information superhighway, what's the catchword here “Information”.

Being present on the internet or the digital space serves a purpose, and that purpose is

 1. Dissemination of relevant information about you or what you are offering and
2. Grabbing attention. 

Digital marketing is all about grabbing attention and serving your audience with the correct set of information that would enable them to take a better-informed decision. That's the holy grail of all the digital efforts including Search engine optimization efforts that you put in for your cause.

The Relation Between Information and Content!

Content is information. Every piece of content that you create conveys information about what you are offering. Let's talk about biology here for a moment. A human can consume information primarily by listening, reading and viewing and that's the fundamental fact for creating all the content on the internet. People use internet for communicating and consuming information, and that information is made available to them in form of content. I hope this clears the relationship between content and information.

From Information to Content to Unique Content.

We have already discussed the relationship between information and content, now let's see its importance for organic rankings and SEO. Search Engine Optimization is the art and science of ranking higher and higher on Google. I am writing this blog post with reference to google because as of today its the most heavily used search engine on the planet.

Every day there is a plethora of information flooding the information superhighway. Even if we talk about a particular topic or niche chances are that a simple search query on google will return thousands of results. How can you ensure that your piece of information is discoverable then?

The answer lies in the fact that search engines like google are very smart. Nobody knows for sure how many parameters they use for ranking a website or piece of information, but one thing that I can authoritatively say is that Google awards unique and relevant content. As far as content is concerned just think like a human. Would you like to read or see a video or listen to a podcast which has dull or repetitive content, or prefer that is something unique and serves a value? Obviously, you would go for the content that is original. The same thing happens with the search engines, they are not looking for repetition of information but are seeking new and unique pieces of information for any given topic.

Hence it is quite clear that unique content is vital for SEO success or for that matter unique content is the backbone of every digital marketing effort. 

As an end note, I would say that for having a healthy organic growth you should have unique content for your communications and they should have variety. Going only for blog posts and ignoring videos and images will not give you the proper visibility that you seek. Also you have to be consistent in your content production and publications because that's the only thing that will help you beat the competition. 

Hope you liked my humble efforts. Comments and queries are welcome.