Why is Site Structure So Important for SEO?

Site structure is something which might not be so visually important, but, it is something which is of paramount importance. It is vital for good rankings on search engines. In the era of digital marketing, not having proper visibility on search engines is criminal. Now, that's about search engines, what about the people who actually land on your site. That's the real objective of all the digital efforts right? People come to your website, understanding what you are offering and then make a purchase decision. What if people land on your website and then they get confused? What would they do? They will simply move on to your competitor's website. That's really what they would do.


That's why having a proper site structure is important. In this blog post, I would be breaking down the elements depicting the importance of a proper site structure.

Google Loves Proper Site Structure.

If you are not ranking on Google, all your good intentions and that fabulous business idea amount to nothing. Google loves websites with proper structure. Hence, having a well-structured site is a must. Your link structure, both the internal links as well as external links should be proper. Being into search engine optimization for years, we can vouch for the fact that Google rewards sites that have a good structure.

Reduce On-Site Competition

At times, if your site structure is not proper, you would be competing with your own content. As such ranking on Google is tough, there are so many websites putting in concrete and focused efforts for ranking on Google. Add to it your own cannibalistic approach to site structure. As the way we see it, it's a perfect recipe for disaster. Having a properly structured website ensures that the search engine crawlers understand the layout and flow of content on your website as you meant it to be. It is an element of digital marketing which just cannot be ignored.

The UX Angle

A well-structured website is also great for users. The bottom line is that we create a website to serve a purpose. It should be able to communicate well with the visitors. If visitors have to actually make efforts to dig out the information that they seek from your website, let us be very candid here, your web efforts are failing. Having a proper site structure goes a long way in providing the users with the satisfaction that they deserve.

Cut the Clutter

Clutter is bad for every form of marketing efforts. It's a business killer in the digital world. As such the digital space is full of clutter and interruptive marketing efforts put in by your competitors. You don't want your site visitor to be greeted by information clutter. Therefore, invest in developing the best site structure for your website. It will go a long way in raking in money from your web investment.

This blog post was a simple effort in educating those who really want to create an impact using digital platforms. Please feel free to reach out to us in case of any doubt, we are here to solve all your digital marketing issues.

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