Why Is Organic Growth Important?

That's a question which every new entrant into digital business asks himself. Look at the big guns, they all are heavy investors in the organic way of things. Why would they do so if it won't work?

Let us tell you this organic growth matters and it really impacts your profits. Organic growth may be slow but the results it provides are surpassed by the investments it needs.

Following are the points which will help you further understand and appreciate the importance of organic growth. 


The essence of organic growth is in building the reputation. By reputation, we are implying the online reputation here. This online reputation does percolate into the real world now. Everything is connected and everyone is connected. People trust internet more for information than any other source of information. If people are sharing good stuff for you online, then you are good otherwise you are just another brick in the wall. This trait also keeps you on your toes and you would know the areas of improvement in your business. Online reputation is a two-edged sword. It can save you or it can kill you.  Organic reputation building goes beyond the technical side of the internet. It is holistic and needs constant monitoring. As we mentioned, it’s a connected world and criticism/appreciation for your service or products can get overwhelming at times. But if you are doing the right thing then it can really rain dollars at your floor.  That's why organic growth is so important.


Why would anyone buy your stuff? People will only shell out money to you when they trust you. Building trust takes time and effort and not to mention a flawless market reputation. We have discussed the reputation part later in the article. Now comes the trust part. For that to happen online, you have to put in information in the market which enables people to know you more. The target audience needs to be informed. Anyone can put in money and go for paid advertising models online. But the question is that will it build trust? Chances are slim as the consumer is now smart enough to make out whether you really have it or you are faking it. Paid advertising, although important, can never replace your organic growth. Therefore organic growth becomes one of the important pillars on which trust is built.


Interconnectivity, especially digital one, is all about keeping the communication channels open. In fact, the internet is really that tool which has given voice to the consumer. The consumers can make or break a business in a matter of days. Their voice is so important and in a way, it's good and rewarding. Firstly it helps in identifying loopholes in the business. Secondly, if you are proactively communicating with your target audience about the corrective steps and improvements in your offering then they would instantly reward you with more business.

Clutter & Long-Term Visibility

We assume that you are serious about your business. You would stay long enough and are determined to see it through. On your way to business success, one of the biggest challenges that you will face is the clutter of communication. At least you would face it in the marketing part. Organic efforts and organic growth help you break the communication clutter. You just have to communicate in a clear and persistent way. That's where the role of a good SEO/organic growth expert comes into picture. Organic growth is the best asset that you can invest it whether you are in the digital sphere or a physical one. If you want to grab attention and money, you have to have a great service as well as a great organic growth plan in place. 

We hope you liked our latest snippet in knowledge. Stay tuned for more such informative articles in the future.