Why Blogging Is So Important?

Blogging doesn’t sound like it will accomplish very much to somebody who hasn’t done the research on the benefits. You might think blogging is for the opinionated or the bored. It is quite the opposite. Blogging can give your company credibility and position you directly in front of your target audience.

Let’s take a look why and how blogging is so vital today...

Get Discovered

The first benefit of blogging is that it generates more content for your website. By having more content on your website, that gives you more keywords and pages to your website which in turn creates more chances to be indexed and displayed in search results for Google, Bing, and other search engines. Companies that have a blog have on average 434% more indexed content than companies that don’t. They also have on average 97% more inbound links to their website and 55% more organic search results. All these statistics are beneficial to your company getting discovered. If you don’t get discovered, you don’t get the business.

More Shareable Content

The purpose of your blogs should be to inform and educate the public of your knowledge of the industry, not being salesy. Enlighten the viewers of the problems and solutions there are in regards to your industry. This gives your company credibility because it shows that you really know what you are doing. People will trust you with their business if they believe you can add value. The better the information you give, the more shareable it becomes. If it truly adds value to the viewer, they will appreciate the information and share it publicly or send it to the person they know it will benefit. This helps you get discovered by the shares and followers but also helps you because they are endorsing you when they share your content.

Nurture Your Prospects


When creating blogs, it is a good source of content to push out onto your social media accounts. If people think your content is consistently informative and valuable, they will follow your social media account and/or submit to your email list to receive the blogs when they are released. This is a great way to nurture your leads. It will keep you top of mind every time they see you have released a new blog. By seeing your name and continuing to read your content, when they need your help, you will be the first place they call. 

Gain Insight

One of best parts about blogging is seeing who reacts to your content. You can learn a lot about who your audience is after a period of time of regularly blogging. Taking that data and analyzing it will help you modify your language and the content you produce to appeal to your target audience. 

For small to medium size businesses, it isn’t always easy getting discovered due to the big name brands showing up all over the television screen. Using the internet to your advantage is the most cost efficient method to attracting clients. You don’t always need a big budget to get noticed. When marketing over the internet, you just need to be looking and sharing in the right places. If you are local in Indianapolis, it is smart to work with a company that is local as well and understands the Indianapolis digital world.

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