What The Future of Advertising?

When even the legacy media catches up to current marketing trends, you know that the trend is solid. 60 Minutes’ recent interview featuring Kim Kardashian was actually a referendum on social media marketing and the individual content creators who are driving this new industry of social influencers. Lesser known but just as effective influencers King Bach and Amanda Cerny were also featured on the program.

Remember These Guys?  They Are A Dumpster's BFF Now! 

Remember These Guys?  They Are A Dumpster's BFF Now! 

You don’t have to go watch the interview, but what you need to do is catch up to the future of advertising! Let’s take a look at what is replacing the old school TV/radio spot.

Social Media

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are now solid bets if you are looking to create a product buzz. They are no longer ancillary; they should actually be primary in your marketing structure if you are aiming at an audience with an average age less than 40. Keep your ear to the street for new social media, because it moves in waves. You should look to Pinterest, Instagram, Vine and Moorus depending on the audience that you want.

Social Influencers

Within each social media platform, there will be master content creators of that platform who have mastered gathering an audience. In order to gather than audience, these social influencers will have to cultivate a target and pander to them. This means that you can go into business with an influencer with a good understanding of the audience they have. No one markets wide net anymore, so you automatically direct your efforts when you find the right social influencer to hawk your stuff.

*check out the clip from 60 Minute's below

Online Strategies

Finding a single influencer or a single platform is hardly the end of your efforts. Social media is a complex field, and you will need to dig deeply into its nuances to come out with a good ROI. Employ comprehensive strategies that combine platforms and influencers who all appeal to the audience that you want. The secret is this: You want to create a web of advertisements that your target customers will be hard pressed to escape. This requires a bit of research into the social leaders of your field, but it is definitely