What is Your Unfair Advantage?

When running a business, the only way to compete with the Walmarts and the Amazons of the world in today’s time is to have your niche. Whether it is better customer service or a certain expertise, you have to have something that puts you above the rest.  As a locally owned digital marketing agency, we can offer you a more cost effective solution at a higher rate of quality. The reason we succeed is because we give you all the attention that you need and have methods and the experience that are proven to work for your business.


We are a relatively small marketing agency. We are cost effective and give you the attention that you need. We love to meet with our clients regularly to get their opinions on what they believe are important to their customers and the brand that they want to portray. We do thorough research on what demographic of customers that our clients are reeling in so we can market to the demographic that suits their business. We are never going to make you pay for something that isn’t going to help your business. Some of the bigger companies will bundle your costs by putting your business into products that help drive THEIR bottom line. They forget the most important part, YOUR bottom line.  Our current digital partners have complete confidence that our strategies position their business/brand in the right digital channels that succeed and drive results. 


It is not often that a company has two niches to offer clients. We are telling you this is one of those times. Our second niche in the digital agency world is we really know how to brand your business. My background in advertising has given our agency an unfair advantage because I have worked with a wide spectrum of clientele.  From locally owned grocery stores to international brands, Christopher August know's how to engage with your ideal customer.  My point here is, you can't find that kind of experience today.  


Marketing put simply; attempt to create leads, convert those leads into sales, turn a first time customer into a repeat customer. Those are the objectives every time you do anything that is considered marketing. The reason I have said a couple times about how the work we do is proven to work is because we have numbers to back us up. We use resources like Google Analytics and we are partnered with HubSpot (HubSpot is an inbound marketing software platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers). We use these analytical tools that show us numbers like how many people were on your website, what brought them to your page, how long were they on your website, and much more. With all of our existing clients, the important statistics are on a consistent upward trend.

Take A Look At A Recent Case Study Showcasing Our Proven Methods, HERE.