Standing Out to Influencers on Social Media?

One of the hottest buzzwords floating around the internet marketing sphere is "influencer marketing". Influencers have large social media followings, frequent media appearances like TV spots and guest columns, and a great deal of respect in their industries and communities.

What makes influencers special?...

Influence marketers are respected experts because people listen to them opposed to being listened to for being an expert: many ace food bloggers don't have culinary degrees Latching onto an influencer's following is ideal because their words aren't interpreted as advertising. This has become the hot new thing. With their popularity comes challenges.  Their legion of followers also want their endorsement, so it's hard to get their attention.

Pic Credit:  Mark Schaefer

Pic Credit: Mark Schaefer

Here's some ways you can stand out to influencers in your niche:

  • Start small. Start with interacting in helpful ways on comment threads on the influencer's writing and videos. Make comments, like, and share their content. Once you do this often enough and prove to be an asset to the influencer's community, you're more apt to be on their radar.
  • Emphasize how you stand out from the crowd. Influencers do check out the people who want to engage with them. How do you stand out from the crowd? Spruce up your social media profiles, website, blog, and other parts of your online presence that demonstrate how you are also contributing to your field. Also, how unique is your proposition to them? Influencers are constantly bombarded with requests to hawk products or talk about companies. How is yours different?
  • Asking for favors off the bat is a bad idea. Influencers get hundreds, if not thousands, of messages daily. If you immediately ask for an influencer to endorse your product, it's going to backfire. You need to offer value first: how would they see value in interacting with you? You should also acknowledge that they are clearly busy as disrespecting their time demonstrates you won't value it.

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