Your Social Media Presence And SEO?

Does having a social media presence have any direct impact on your search engine rankings? If you were to ask that very same question on Google right now, the answer would be... questionable. Social media is a huge part of the work we do here at Christopher August and because of that, we can definitely confirm that producing unique quality content does, in fact, help your larger SEO efforts. Likewise, there are many ways that social media can actually have a profound impact on your overall organic search visibility. You just have to keep a few key things in mind, of course.


Social Media Drives Traffic To Your Website

Including links to your website on your social media platform can have a big impact on the amount of traffic you receive. If Google sees that people are visiting your site, it naturally improves your rankings as a result. Make an effort to keep your social profile as strong as possible and you'd be surprised by the difference this can make. The more natural traffic and engagement you drive to your site, the better the results will be.


Your Profiles Rank in Search Engines

Your Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media profiles definitely have a life of their own. They're naturally great domains with very high domain authority, which is something that Google places a high value on. The content on those sites is crawled by Google, so don't be surprised if initially your social profiles actually start ranking higher than the website they link to.

Again, it's important to remember that SEO is all about driving organic visibility and growth. Over the long-term, if there are multiple mentions of you on the first page of a Google search, that WILL bleed into your website's rankings, too.


Getting External Links

If you want to get to the top of the Google search engine results, capturing external links is one of the best ways to do it. Social media platforms, via their reach and appeal, are an excellent opportunity to create better and stronger link capturing avenues on a daily basis.


Boosting Your Brand Awareness

Another way that social media can help your larger SEO efforts comes down to boosting brand awareness. A strong brand works even after your employees have gone home for the day. Because of that, engaging on social media will always give you a boost for SEO by way of quality customer interactions.


Local SEO

Local SEO - the bread and butter of any business - relies heavily on social media. Local SEO isn't just what gives you the best tactical sales response - it's also vital for genuine, real, long-term growth. Because of that, social media cannot be ignored if you want to empower your local SEO efforts.


The Other Search Engines

Though it may seem hard to believe, there is an entire world beyond Google as far as search engines are concerned. Every corner of that world relies heavily on social signals for ranking determinations. Bing, for example, admits that it uses social media as a key part of its own ranking algorithm. Therefore, it's always better to have an excellent social media presence for SEO purposes than to assume you can get away with ignoring it.