Pinterest For Business - Will Your Organization Benefit?

To say that social media marketing is important for modern businesses is something of an understatement. According to one survey, 71% of consumers who had a positive social media experience with a brand said they were likely to recommend it to their friends and family members. Likewise, social media is a perfect outlet for visual marketing collateral in particular - it's 40 times (!) more likely to be shared than just straight text.

But the most important thing you need to understand is that not all social media sites are created equally. Pinterest has grown incredibly popular in a short amount of time, but is it necessarily the right move to make for your business?

Pinterest: By the Numbers

To get a better idea of exactly who you would be speaking with on Pinterest, consider some of the following statistics:

  • Pinterest had about 150 million active monthly users worldwide as of November 2016, meaning that it's still growing and has yet to reach its peak.
  • 85% of all Pinterest users are female.
  • Pinterest users themselves love it - 55% of them said that it was their favorite social media platform.
  • 67% of Pinterest's users are younger, falling into the "millennial" generation.

Think About the Content

In an effort to understand if Pinterest is worth your time, you need to think about the type of content that excels there. Do you regularly create a lot of visual content, or do you plan to start? Is video marketing, in particular, a big part of your campaign? Are you trying to reach a B2C audience as opposed to a B2B one? Are you trying to go after a younger generation of consumers in particular?

If the answer to all of those questions was "yes", then regardless of the type of business you're running Pinterest is definitely worth your time - particularly if you start laying the groundwork and building your presence now. If you rely heavily on text-based content, or if you're focused on a decidedly more "professional" audience in that your market is mainly B2B, you'll likely want to look elsewhere.