What The Blog..How Do You Optimize?

When most people think of optimizing blogs, they think of search engines being able to easily find and index all that amazing content you have. However, you also need to optimize your user (reader) experience so that readers don't abandon your blog even if they like your content.

Many people are turning to Medium today to avoid the expense and hassle of setting up a blog on their own domain. Medium also offers other benefits like being able to have your blog posts seen more easily through other bloggers with larger followings.

Why Optimizing Your Blog Is Important

  1. Engagement and retention. People are more apt to visit, re-visit, and link to a blog that looks fantastic and reads easily.
  2. Optimization leads to more conversions. If people like your content and stick to your site, they are far more apt to buy from you.

How to Optimize Your Blog for Readers

  • Appearances count. Hire a designer to get a custom interface for your blog. You don't want it to look like any other blog that uses the same exact design. Starting with a template is fine, but it should reflect your branding and/or personality that will make it unique. A generic-looking site doesn't get many repeat visitors.
  • Put quality images in your posts. There's no one magic word count that's ideal for your blog posts, but they need at least 1-2 pictures if they're on the short side. More if you have longer blog posts. No one wants nothing but a wall of text.
  • Avoid bad color schemes. Lilac and orange may be your favorite colors but they can wind up executing horribly on bright, small mobile screens. Or result in illegible text on a computer. Plain black and white also doesn't work for most bloggers, but you need to strike a balance between color aesthetics and readability.
  • Make sure your site is mobile-compatible. A majority of people are reading blog posts on the go today. Your website should be mobile-optimized so that your readers aren't straining their eyes trying to read your posts, or being unable to see everything on the page because ads or other objects on the page didn't translate well to mobile.

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