What Does Mobile First Index Actually Mean?

In the simplest of the terms, mobile first indexing means that Google would index the content that you created specifically for mobile devices on priority. Traditionally, Google has been using the desktop version of content and pages for determining the ranking and other search parameters. However, with mobile first indexing, this can be changed.

The mobile first indexing first came into the picture in 2016 when Google realized that the volume of people using mobile devices for search is increasing. This change led to web developers and SEO experts focusing more on creating content and websites which were more mobile device friendly. It was natural for Google to provide for a service which would pay due respect to this evolution of search patterns. Hence, mobile first index was born.

What does it mean for a website owner?

Well, firstly we would mention that mobile first index is a nice thing to have. The reason is simple - your target audience is heavily using mobile devices to visit your website for information that they seek. Hence, it is logical to have a mobile indexed site. Actually how mobile-first indexing will help you or have an impact on you would to a certain degree depend upon the kind of website you have.

Desktop Site Only

In case you do not have a mobile-friendly website yet (there are still many websites like that), your desktop version of the website will be crawled and indexed for search purpose. However, let us tell you that the desktop only version of websites are not rendered properly on mobile devices and your UX might suffer due to this. This would have a negative impact on your overall web visibility.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design means that your website will be designed in such a way that its images and content would adjust automatically to the device dimensions from where it is accessed. In this case, mobile first indexing will be smooth and there would be no major repercussions.

Canonical AMP

In case you have accelerated mobile pages based website, there would be no major change in the way Google crawls and indexes your website.

Dynamic Serving Website

A dynamic serving website is a complex website from the development point of view. It is a website which serves different web content based on the device from which the user is accessing or viewing the website. For dynamic serving websites, Google prefers mobile optimized pages. Hence, it would be better if your dynamic serving website is optimized for mobile usability.

Creating a mobile index friendly website is a must in the present context of digital marketing. Feel free to write to us in case you need help or further information on this topic.

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