How to Achieve Landing Page Greatness

In its simplest form, a landing page is the web page that a browser initially accesses to gain entry to your website. The visitor can access a landing page by organic search, social media link, or clicking on a backlink from a separate website. Attention spans are limited for visitors on the internet. If you do not provide the information that they are looking for right away, they will back out and continue their browsing experience elsewhere! When they leave your website without clicking any other links on your page, they have “bounced” from your landing page. There are two types of landing pages that are proven to lead to less bounces and more conversions. They are “click through landings pages” and “lead generation landing pages.”

Click Through Landing Pages

The name explains the point of the landing page setup. The goal is to funnel the visitor towards clicking on to another page. This is usually the approach for an ecommerce website. The landing page is supposed to generate excitement about the product by explaining what it entails in great detail with rich content and appealing visuals. It warms the visitor up so they are ready to purchase once they click to the next page. Many companies make the huge mistake of making the purchasing page as the landing page. The visitors are not given enough information to feel comfortable enough to make a purchasing decision. Buyers in today’s time are reluctant to make uninformed purchase decisions.

Lead Generation Landing Pages

The main goal of a lead generation landing page is to retrieve the visitor's name and email address with a Call to Action. By obtaining their information, you are able to stay connected with them to make a conversion later on.  Offer the visitor something that would be considered valuable to them on this landing page. To capture the lead, you should have a form asking for their name, email, and anything else that will categorize them in a relevant way for your business. With the form, there should be a description of the valuable they will receive in return for presenting you with their information. There are many items that visitors have and will give their information for. This includes ebooks, coupons, free trials, subscription to your blog, and more.

Landing pages can make or break a business’ success rate for online conversions. When making social media posts with links back to your website, it is important to send them to optimal landing pages and not just any page. For any help with executing your online presence, we can help you convert on your visitors here at Christopher August!