How To Measure Your Digital Agency by Web Behavior

The KPIs that you choose will determine how effective your digital agency will be compared to its competition. Here are some of the best behaviors that can give you real insight into how your agency is performing.

Total Website Visits

The most simple metric is also one of the most important - over time, simple views will give you better trends when it comes to search engine optimization. You will also be able to find problems in your SEO before they cause you to lose out on weeks of visibility.

Deep Page Views

When your potential customers visit your website, you will achieve more of a connection if those people visit more than one page - your deep web pages with more information about your products. By tracking these pages individually, you can determine the most popular pages on your site. That information may cause you to change your landing pages or reorganize your sales funnel into a more successful order.

Time on Website

Time spent on the website does not lead directly to sales. However, the more time that a visitor spends getting familiar with your products and your brand, the less advertisement it will take to bring that customer back to you. If you can look over the demographic information of the most engaged visitors, then you can also target those types of people with future ad campaigns.

The Bounce Rate

You want your "bounce rate" as low as possible. The bounce rate goes up when a visitor comes to your website and immediately clicks away. This happens for many reasons, most notably for providing a website that does not correspond with the ad, or having a website that does not look good in general. Monitoring the time on your website in total and on each individual page will also help you to realize the most effective pages and improve their visibility to work for you.

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