How to Engage Your Business Blog Reader

In a previous blog post, Why Blogging is So Important, we stated how important it is for your business to publish quality content on your website regularly.  Doing this, helps you become more discoverable, nurtures your potential customers, and will help you gain insight on your target audience. It is one thing to have a blog, but it is another to have an excellent blog. A blog with some purpose and thought will add real value and engage the reader.

Here are five tips to engage your reader...

1. To the Point

To have a truly effective blog, you have to get straight to the point. People browsing the internet are not going to stick around to read fluff. People are generally busy and don’t have time to read the entire post.  Traditionally, users will skim the article taking away pieces of the content. By getting straight to the point, you will add real value to the reader.

2. Enlighten and Educate

Another way to add real value is by giving good, useful information. A blog written by your everyday person can be opinionated and doesn’t need to have a lot of substance. A blog written by a business needs to educate the reader in their industry. It needs to benefit the reader in a way that they will appreciate your brand. The more intelligent the information, the more credibility your brand will gain with loyal users. The immediate goal of writing a blog is to direct people back to your website and for them to explore the rest of the site.

3. Intriguing Title

 The title should be to the point with keywords and purpose. If you don’t have an interesting title that grabs the attention of the user, the rest of these helpful tips to engage the reader are pointless.

4. Visually Appealing and Flow

Never bore your readers. People like to see pictures that help tell the story. A visually appealing blog will always have more likes and shares on social media. Also online browsers do not want to put too much effort into reading a blog online so it is significant to make it flow. It should be broken into segments, bullet points, or a numbered list to make it easy for the reader to skim. The easier the blog is to read, the more enjoyable the experience it is for the reader. 

5. CTA

If a reader makes it all the way to the end of your blog, that means you kept them interested. If they are interested enough, this can lead to an ROI, which is why it’s always important to have a call to action. Whether it is a subscription to your monthly newsletter, a downloadable pdf, or a link to another area on the website, you should give the reader opportunities to explore more about your brand.