How Engaged is Your Social Media Following?

By now if you have read some of our blogs, you should be aware of the fact that a good social media presence can greatly impact your business. The mistake that most companies make is that they worry about one number and one number only. The number of followers.

A large following might look good at first glance, but you should take a deeper look by asking the right questions. Building a strong social media presence is more about creating an engaged online community of people that interact with your brand. A fully engaged following of 500 people is much more valuable than a following of 5,000 people who never take a second look at your brand. Companies that buy followers are basically putting lipstick on a pig. Let’s take a look at the questions you need to ask to better understand how effective your online presence is!

How Many Likes Per Post?

A way you can gauge how much attention your posts are getting is to measure how many likes, favorites, upvotes (depending which social media platform you are measuring) per post you have. Whether you actually do the math or do a simple eye test, you want to have people liking your posts. When somebody likes your post, that shows you that they internalized it enough to show you some appreciation. If your posts are never getting any love, you might want to rethink your approach on social media.

How Many Comments Per Post?

Another metric to be paying attention to is how often are people commenting on your posts? It is very important to always comment back when somebody comments on your post. The dialogue creates a connection with your following. It can humanize your brand which gives you credibility to your online community. If your posts don’t get people to engage with them by commenting, try asking more questions in your posts. Starting a dialogue with your posts will increase your following’s engagement with your brand!

How Many Shares Per Post?

When people are sharing your content with their own following, it is basically like you are being endorsed. A strong social media following will continually endorse your content. If your following never shares your content, you are usually never growing your following either. Give your following valuable information that is WORTH spreading to their own following. This metric tells the story of how useful your following is.

How Many Clicks Per Post?

It is important to be putting links back to your website in your posts. Funneling your following from social media to your website is how you directly turn a visitor into a lead or customer. Measuring a number of times people click on your links is a great way to see how much business you are potentially getting from social media.

If you are having a hard time engaging your social media following, we can help! We have years of experience in social media management. Contact us below!