How does SEO and Social Media Mix?


If you have taken the time to research the topic of how social media can affect your business’ SEO, then you have probably seen a few conflicting views. People who do not view a correlation between the two are held up on one factor. Search engines do not rank businesses higher on search results for who has the most Facebook likes or Twitter followers. This is true but that is narrow-minded thinking. Search engines have an algorithm that has so many factors that it filters through and utilizing social media hits on enough of them to make a huge difference!

External Linking

Search engines recognize inbound and external links to and from credible sites as a huge influence in their ranking system. If you have social media channels, we recommend you put links on your website to your social channels as well as a link on your social channels to your website. Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and the rest of the social channels are viewed by search engines as very credible and authoritative sites. We also recommend that you put a link in almost all of your posts to generate more inbound links that search engines will pick up on.

Profiles Rank on Search Engines

Have you ever noticed when you search a company’s name on the internet, their social profiles are usually within the top five results? There are some people who even like to click on the company’s Facebook or Twitter profile first to get a sense of the company’s brand personality first before they go to the website. In some situations, Google will put the company’s Google+ account in the sidebar next to the results. Google obviously deems a company’s Google+ account valuable considering they put it in a place that entices searchers to click on it first.

Social Media Channels are Search Engines Too

You shouldn’t just focus on optimizing your search engine results for Google and Bing, social media channels are search engines too! You use hashtags with visually appealing content so that people that are searching for something on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest find your page without actually typing in your company name. Many people do a social media background check before they make a purchasing decision. In 2010 Twitter had more than 19 BILLION search queries! That was more than Bing and Yahoo combined.

Increased Traffic

Search engines take into account factors like how many people visit your website, how many pages on average do they click through, and how long are they staying on your website. When you have a quality social media presence that large numbers of people are viewing each post, there are more chances for people to click on the links that bring them to your website. By giving them a way to visit your website, like a link to a blog, they are more likely to click on the link which could be a potential lead as well as boost your SEO.

Brand Awareness Leads to Traffic

Social media can also benefit your SEO as a hockey assist. With every post that catches your audience’s attention, it is accompanied by your logo. The more people you get your logo in front of, the more chance they might think of you later. You are branding yourself on social media and even if they don’t click on the link directly from your profile or post, they are much more likely to search for you on Google later rather than if they didn’t see you on social media.

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