Do You Know Your Bounce Rate?



For a small business, a well-structured website can be the main reason the company survives. Not all small businesses are very well known to the masses. That is why having an interesting website with good content is so important for a landing a potential new client. You don’t want people going on to your website to just click out of it immediately and move on with their search. You want your website to have a low “bounce rate.” The New Oxford American Dictionary defines “bounce rate” as the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page. At Christopher August we know how to use the analytics to your advantage and act on indicators such as a high bounce rate. We are a local digital marketing agency in Indianapolis helping small to medium size businesses drive high quality traffic to their website.  This high quality traffic has been proven to drive quality leads at a very healthy ROI. 


Landing pages need to be visually appealing and load fast

Websites need to be more than just bare bones. It can’t just be a website about what you sell and how much it costs. Just to name some of the features to help keep visitors on your website there needs to be big headings, pictures, audio, videos, good color scheme.

Improve your content.

People need a reason to stay on your website. They need more information about who you are, what your goals are, important messages, and more. It doesn’t hurt for them to come to your website and learn some knowledge. Give them a reason to understand why you are an expert in your field. This will intrigue them to see what are on your other pages.

Create landing pages which satisfy what the visitor is looking for.

It is crucial to have the right keywords intertwined within each page of your site's content, which drive's the right users (your ideal client/customer). You don’t want people on your website for the wrong reasons. They will realize immediately that you are not what they are looking for, and that makes for a high bounce rate.

Create landing pages with a “Call to Action”

A good flow through a website is fundamental to having a low bounce rate. There needs to be links set up where they are easily viewable and accessible. Even within the content there should be hyperlinks to other pages within the website. The more “Call to Action” you have on your website; the better chance you will have accomplishing a lower bounce rate.


There is a lot more that goes into building a high performing site than the information mentioned above.  Not to mention, the positive effect it has on our clients bottom line, feel free to contact us below. We would love to help your business achieve the same results!