The Best Local SEO Strategies You Should Take Advantage of in 2019

At this point, the power of not only SEO but local SEO in particular is far too important to ignore.

As of 2019, about 46% of all searches on Google involve people looking for local information. A massive 88% of the people who find your business via a local search on a mobile device will either call or visit within the next 24 hours according to that exact same study.

So not only is local SEO a great way to help the right people find your business in the first place, but it's also a perfect opportunity to rocket them down the sales funnel and move them closer to a sale than ever. But if you really want to make sure that your local SEO efforts are optimized in 2019 and beyond, there are a few key things you'll want to keep in mind.

Your Best Local SEO Strategies for the New Year

The most immediate thing you should do (if you have not already done so) involves adding location pages to your website. If your business operates a physical location within a particular city, create a unique page dedicated to nothing other than that physical space.

Populate it with everything someone would need to know to find you - your store hours, a unique description, parking information, public transit information and more. You should also add a Google Map so that people can easily get directions to that location, too.

This will give Google yet another opportunity to index a very location-specific page pertaining to your business. So not only will local searchers find your primary domain, they'll find a page dedicated entirely to the store that is closest to their home - thus increasing the chances they reach out and make contact.

The Art of Local Content

It's no secret that content is one of the best ways to increase your search engine rankings. But local-driven content has the same impact on your local SEO, too.

Don't just write a lot of blog posts about general topics. Those are good, but you also need to focus on smaller, niche and location-specific topics, too.

Is there are particular event in your city that your business will be attending? Write up a blog post about it and let people know that you'll be there, what they can expect and why they should come. Did one of your locations recently hire a new employee? Devote 500 words to why this new hire was so exciting in the first place.

Any topic that you CAN give a local slant to, you SHOULD give a local slant to. Not only will it again give a boost to your larger SEO efforts by way of high quality, relevant content, but the local angle will also improve your local SEO strategies, as well.

Never forget that about 18% of local mobile searches in particular lead to a sale within just one business day. So if local SEO isn't something you're already devoting a significant amount of attention to, now would be an excellent time to start. Strategies like those listed above will help make sure your own efforts get off on the right foot.