Everything You Need To Know About Backlinking?

There are a wide range of different techniques that all go into determining your SEO (search engine optimization) success, but few are as critical as backlinking. In the simplest terms possible, a backlink is an organically generated hyperlinks that links from some other page on the Internet to your own site or content. If you write a blog post that someone finds interesting and they link to it on their own blog, that backlink just helped elevate you a bit in terms of search results. Engines like Google use backlinks to determine the popularity of your site and content.

The important thing to understand about this, however, is that not all backlinks are created equally.

If you really want to grow and unleash their full potential, you'll need to keep a few key things in mind.

Focus on High Quality Backlinks

In terms of Google in particular, backlinking is less a question of quantity and more of quality. According to the experts at Entrepreneur, the factors that Google weighs in terms of backlink quality include the age of the domain in question, the authority of the link, natural link patterns and exact-match anchor text. Google's in-house automated tools have gotten exceptionally good at separating quality backlinks from spammy or otherwise "black hat" links, so whenever possible focus on quality above all else. 

Quality Content = Engaged Users Willing To Promote Your Biz.

Quality Content = Engaged Users Willing To Promote Your Biz.

Focus on Your Top Posts and Keywords

If you want to start growing in terms of backlinking, you need to give people a reason to link to your site in the first place. Take a look at your current analytical data and find out what types of posts, along with which keywords, you're seeing the best results in. Create long-form, quality content that plays to your strengths - this is the perfect way not only to get attention, but to entice people to link to your website from theirs. Anchor text is essential on building your website rankings. Here's an excellent article to anchor text distribution.

Don't Overlook Social Media

Social media is also an incredibly powerful way to attract backlinks in a few different ways. For starters, promoting your content on social networking sites makes it more likely to get the attention of the right people. Social media is also highly authoritative in the eyes of engines like Google, so even if someone doesn't create an actual backlink on their own site just the fact that they're sharing their content will go a long way towards increasing your visibility and traffic.