Why Is It Important to Have a Strong Social Following?

 group of business people learning about social media

Social media gives companies that don’t have a significant marketing budget to reach consumers quickly and effectively. It also lets companies have a voice that creates brand awareness, brand loyalty, and most importantly brand ambassadors. This ever growing and evolving platform creates a connection between companies and consumers.  According to Statista, 78% of the United States population uses social media, which means there are 640k plus active on social media in the Indianapolis area.  

 You Are Probably Still Asking Yourself Why Social Media Is Important...Let us Help: 


Your social media success can be measured in several different ways depending on your company goals, but for the most part, social media is measured in the amount of traffic it can generate to your website.  The reason social media is so successful is it continuously creates opportunities for people to click their way onto your website. With every post (whether it is a blog, video, picture, or special promotion), it creates an opportunity for people to react. It allows them to either like, click on the link, comment, or share with their own following. With every reaction, the number of opportunities for people to go to your website grows exponentially! In addition, Google and other search engines use social media as an element to calculate where a company ranks when users (like yourself) perform a search query. 


At Christopher August, we have a talented team that understands how to build a favorable brand among social media users. It is important for a company to show professionalism to consumers but the content also needs to be likable. Social media lets a company have a unique voice and if that voice is strategically or well thought out,  social media can help a brand be humanized in a way other marketing strategies does not. New and existing customers respond well to these actions, which builds trust and brand loyalty.  By gaining a social following, it also legitimatizes the business to others seeing the brand for the first time.  Would you engage with a social media channel that has no activity, no reviews?  Would you buy from them?  Probably not. 

There are endless opportunities in the social media arena, let us help you take advantage of this hectic platform and help you build a brand the creates loyal customers that will last a lifetime.