Does Your Digital Marketing Agency Understand You?

In today’s age, digital content is intertwined throughout almost every aspect of our lives. It is crucial for businesses to not only have their presence on the internet, but to effectively send the right message to current and potential customers.

In 2016, more than 3 billion people use the internet!  People have access to every word your business posts in the palm of their hand at any given moment. It is important to have your social media and brand persona in tiptop shape all year round. Our goal is to help businesses find potential customers by gaining brand awareness, incite trial usage and repeat usage to achieve the end result of brand loyalty.

At Christopher August, we are a digital marketing agency who works with local small to medium size businesses. We are a company who understands the way the social media channel is used and the directions in which it moves. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the Millennial generation makes up 23.5% of the general population. That means there are 74.3 million 18-34 year olds (which happens to be the largest demographic group in the country) and most likely you would like their business! Millennials have a much more positive experience when they can relate to their peers when they have an abundance of information on your product or service. 

Small to medium size companies can’t afford to be overlooked. We take care of local businesses, so you can focus on your expertise. We capture the vision of your business as a whole and seamlessly intertwine social media marketing and blogging with the most up to date information on your products and services. Our entire team is HubSpot Inbound Marketing certified, to help you figure out what your perfect buyer persona looks like.

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