Is Your Business Leaking Customers?

If your website isn’t generating the traffic you hoped it would, there could be several reasons why. Consider this; experts estimate that this year there will be 2 billion smart phone users. Does your business have responsive web design?

So, what exactly do we mean by responsive web design? Here is the first thing you should know: there is a difference between mobile friendly and mobile compatible. A few years ago when smart phones were just getting started, you couldn’t necessarily pull up any webpage you wanted on your phone or tablet’s Internet. With today’s technology, virtually every website can automatically be pulled up on a smart phone, tablet or other device. The important point here is not to confuse your website’s ability to be viewed on devices other than computers as being responsive; that only means it is mobile compatible. What we mean by responsive web design is that the interface users encounter on a mobile phone or tablet is physically different; more compact, easier to navigate etc., not just a minimized version of your regular website. But why is that important? 

Web experts have said that 40% of users would quickly leave a website if it is not responsive on multiple devices. How would your business be if 40% of the people that entered your store immediately left! You wouldn’t be able to survive that kind of turn-over so you shouldn’t let that happen on your website either. Experts agree that you only have about 10 seconds to make a good impression on a website visitor. We all know that getting ahead of the curve is paramount in business. When it comes to a responsive web design, at this point you would be considered behind the curve, but you still have a chance to be an early bird. At this time, experts estimate only 11.8% of websites feature a responsive web design. 

Making your website mobile friendly is your chance to stay ahead of your competitors. Of those 40% of people leaving non-mobile friendly websites, you can guarantee almost all of them are going to a competitor. One of the biggest reasons people are hesitant to feature a responsive web design is simply that they don’t see the value a website adds to a business. Even a website that doesn’t sell a product or service online can boost business productivity exponentially. 

If you are still skeptical about the process of making your website responsive, do it for nothing else except your public relations. A responsive website isn’t a luxury anymore it is a necessity. People can feel betrayed if your site isn’t responsive. 

Randle Browning published her research results on Skillcrush. According to Browning, 4 out of 5 consumers shop on their smart phones. If you consider the fact that 40% of people who visit a website on a device that isn’t a computer, immediately leave the site if it isn’t responsive, how much business could you be losing!?

At Christopher August we are experts in marketing consulting and web design. We can help get your website and your business the online profile it deserves. If your business if leaking customers because of your website, we can fix it. 

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