Did you notice Facebook’s latest feature?

Have you ever been browsing Facebook and thought that the “Like” button just wasn’t enough? If you have a keen eye you may have noticed Facebook’s “like” icon looks a little different. But perhaps you didn’t notice some new additions to accompany the famous “like.” If you hover over the Like button, you now have the option to express: “Love,” “Haha,” “Wow,” “Sad,” or “Angry.”

This new feature is something that, according to Facebook, has been a year in the making. The feature is meant to increase interaction and is expected to have positive reactions. Many users have previously complained that the Like button was not always an appropriate response to certain posts. Now when you want to convey condolences, you’ll be able to input “Sad.” Or you could click the “wow” button instead of just commenting “wow.”


So what does this mean for the business side of social media? This may seem like a small change but it actually has the potential to be quite impactful. The biggest change we expect to see is that interaction should pick up big time. People who don’t necessarily “like” a post may now choose to interact with a post in a different manner. More ways to interact should result in increased overall interaction. Interaction is the thing that drives a business’ social media campaigns. The increased interaction options will also allow businesses to see how exactly clients are reacting to their posts more accurately. This opens up a range of new options including basing blog content on the “wow” button; or gaining more feedback from an “angry” response. Companies can now tailor their content more accurately to their intended audience.

We’re constantly looking out for the latest innovations on the web. Many people are surprised to learn just how much of an asset Facebook is to business; it is consistently our top medium when it comes to generating web traffic. These latest Facebook features will give us another way to deliver the best content to your followers. You can be sure that at Christopher August, we are constantly staying ahead of the curve when it comes to your business’ online content.

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