4 Reasons Why Social Media is Absolutely Imperative

4 Reasons Why Social Media is Absolutely Imperative

The world is changing so quickly that if you don’t jump on board, the train will leave the station without you. Today, social media replaces what newspaper and even television advertising used to do. While those avenues still exist, an affective means to help create a successful brand for your business is online through the use of social media. Here are 5 reasons why social media is imperative in today’s market. 

Wider Platforms

Social media offers the unique opportunity to connect with people around the world; that wasn’t possible before the Internet. A single social media post could potentially reach hundreds of thousands or even millions of people. 

Increased Brand Power

Building a business is all about creating a brand. While word of mouth and sheer happenstance are great, the potential to quickly and effectively build your brand online is not only rapid, but also extremely effective utilizing the right social channels. 

Consumer Interaction

Once you’ve established your brand online, people will begin to notice. Social media gives you the power to interact with your followers. Although old curmudgeons will tell you that nothing is better than face-to-face interaction – and although we agree that developing a relationship face-to-face is more sincere – you’ll actually find that interacting with your customers online can be more productive. More importantly, that is how consumers are interacting today. And as we mentioned earlier, you’ll be able to make more relationships and with more people, faster! This will greatly increase the consumers’ experience and your ability to offer better customer service. 

It is Cheaper Than Traditional Marketing

Before social media and the World Wide Web became prevalent, businesses used all sorts of tactics to spread the word about their brand and products. Traditionally the company’s budget allocated toward television, radio and newspaper advertising was much larger than it is today. That is because marketing online costs less. That also means that small companies have a fighting chance to get a piece of the action. Certain types of social media such as Facebook and Twitter don’t cost anything. Though having your social media run professionally costs some money, it is nothing compared to what used to be required to have the safe results. Although our services at Christopher August LLC aren’t free, the money you spend will be significantly less than traditional marketing outlets and will be marginally more affective.  

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