Video Content?! What and How Are Using

In the past month, we've been super busy creating fun and exciting ways to deliver more fresh content to our clients and their customers.  Take a look at some videos we've recently done and platforms we are using to create and deliver to our clients customers.  

Have you heard of Periscope?  Periscope is an app owned by Twitter that allows brands or consumers to put out real-time live videos to its followers.  When the video is completed it automatically puts it out and onto your twitter feed.  What's great about this app is it gives brands the opportunity to interact with its customers in a more humanized way. Traditional edited videos don't give consumers that same advantage.  This newer app gives consumers an opportunity to see a real behind the scenes event of what goes on within an organization.  What we've seen besides tremendous engagement is our clients customers ability to interact on a more personal level. Thus, helping boost brand awareness and foot traffic.  Consumers today have so many options on where to shop, services to use, etc.  Showing them who you are on a more personal level speaks volumes and takes away their fear of buying. 

For sharing purposes I've added this video to clients youtube channel and other sources.  Always smart to share on other channels as well:)

With that said, Christopher August LLC still creates and edit's videos, but the ones we do edit, we try to ensure the message has a clear purpose and it is being served to the audience we are trying to capture.  Take a look at an example below. 

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