What Does Your Brand Say?

How Are You Relaying Your Brand Story To Your Audience?  

We've been lucky to work with some great brands, but one of my favorites is a local natural food store in Broadripple, The Good Earth Natural Food Co.  For 44 years, this local family owned business has found way's to really engage with its customers.  Their personal touch, knowledgeable staff, and ability to have fun is why customers keep coming back.   I've been able to help them relate that fun, knowledgeable, and experienced brand to new and existing customers through several digital channels.  There are several ways to win in the digital space, but you have to stay true to your brand and the audience you serve.

See Below For Social Post Illustration and Some Current Data: 


Last 60/90 Day Brand Growth: Some Quick Analytics On How We're Helping Local Brands Grow Fan Base and Tell Their Brand Story.

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