Are You Tracking Your Social Post's and Channels?

Christopher August Social Tracking

How Are you Tracking Your Social Media Today?!  With So Many Channels How Do You Know Which One Works Best?  Is That Social Channel Creating Income for My Business or Generating an ROI?  

Social media planning, implementation, and tracking is a ton of work, but can be extremely beneficial If you have the right strategy and team in place.  If not, you should be considering looking at an agency that has experience in social media management and implementation.  Don't waste your money on boosted and sponsored ads if you can't track the outcomes.  Likes, shares, and engagement are great for branding and social validation, but if you are looking for an ROI, don't spend your money to get engagement and fans. 

Take a Look at the picture above of a current client who operates a Dental Assisting School. The "what we do" post above generated 316 social referrals (potential students or interested parties traveling back to the website from the social post) to engage with more content! 51 of those potential students or interested parties filled out a web form for more information!  That is 51 leads generated in a 24 hour time frame.  

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