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Who / What is Christopher August


“Over four years ago I created this agency be a solution in the digital marketing space for businesses taken advantage of by agencies deploying aggressive sales teams without the fulfillment team to backup the end products and services. Having witnessed firsthand the distorted and short-sighted business practices of larger agencies - where driving new sales was prioritized over client retention - where quantity was elevated above quality - and where operations were disproportionately driven by the bottom line rather than maximizing return for clients. Ethically, I could not continue to work in that environment. Any new client or partnership we take on can expect a committed and passionate team focused on long-term growth and mutually beneficial relationships. Together we achieve success.”

Chris A. Costa, Creative Director/Founder

what our clients think about our digital marketing services


"Since working with Christopher August, our social media following has doubled, web traffic has increased drastically, and we are seeing tons of new faces at our store. Highly recommend this company!"


"In the highly regulated Pharmaceutical industry our marketing message needs to be precise and comprehensive. Although our advertising isn't always best suited delivered by the traditional methods, Christopher August LLC has done an exceptional job in assisting "the creation or crafting of" our message. The flexibility, diligence and responsiveness their team has displayed is second to none! The versatility they have shown in projects such as website design, content/marketing material creation assures us a prosperous future together."



"Great from start to finish. Developed a beautiful website for us and was very efficient with all the recommendations we were making. Would recommend to anyone considering a new or remodeled website."