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I first met Lynn in March of 2015, after I was calling around to look for potential clients. She is the founder of Dental Office Training by Lynn (DOT) in Fishers, IN. She started her business in 2006 and at the time she had just moved to her new (and current) location. Her program offers a great alternative for people who don’t feel college is the right choice for them, or simply want to change careers. Once they finish the course, they are left with a skill that is valuable, offers great pay, and puts them in the workforce within weeks! The market for dental assisting is constantly growing, and she has one of the most reputable schools in the state! 

 We met up and started discussing more about the services we offer here at Christopher August. Because she just moved into her new location, spending extra money on marketing wasn’t exactly one of her top priorities. However, throughout the course of several meetings, I began to get a true sense of how she wanted her marketing to reflect her business ideas and principles. We feel that marketing should be centered around your target audience, but also stick true to the core values that make your business different and unique from everyone else. She loved the strategy we set up and felt it was essential to start marketing because she got a new space. Once she saw the responses from her new website and social media pages, she was amazed! 



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