What We Do Here: Creating Content and Building Brands

In many ways, content marketing is more than just a way to work around the fact that approximately 200 million people now use ad blockers when they browse the Internet. It does more than just produce 7.8 times as much site traffic and increase brand recall, all while costing 62% less than traditional outbound marketing channels.

It's a way to create a reaction in your target audience. It's about generating an emotional response that doesn't just get people to sit up and pay attention, but that leads to the type of action that your customers won't be able to stop themselves from taking.

The Lovemarks Theory

The Lovemarks Theory is a simple one: while human beings may be the home of reason, what they're really driven by at the end of the day is emotion. Famed neurologist Donald Calne put it eloquently when he said "the essential difference between emotions and reasons is that emotion leads to action, while reason leads to conclusions."

When you create a piece of content and put it out into the world, your end goal can't just be to inform. You don't just want to answer a customer's question or address their concern. You want to make them laugh. You want to make them cry. You want to make them excited and inspired and motivated. 

You want to create the type of reaction within that person that not only gets them to take action, but that guarantees that YOUR desired action is the one they can't help but take. At Christopher August, LLC, that type of reaction happens to be our specialty.

The Christopher August Approach

Founder w/Future Mrs. Founder In Louisville...Learn More About  ME

Founder w/Future Mrs. Founder In Louisville...Learn More About ME

We do more than just create content and build brands - we establish the type of deeply rooted, emotional and intimately organic relationship between you and your target audience that transforms a prospective customer into a loyal advocate in an instant.

Whether we're managing your social media, optimizing your SEO offers or designing a website to make the perfect first impression, our end goal is always the same: we want to tap into the emotional core of every last customer you have and create the honest, unadulterated reaction that will blossom into the type of relationship that will last a lifetime.