Proud To Be A Tree!

I was driving to the grocery store this morning to pick up a side dish for one of my best friends 35th birthday party this evening.  It's a long drive from downtown to Broadripple, which is where I was headed, and it got me thinking…

Perhaps it was because I kept seeing an Indiana State University commercial the night before, or it could have been because I was reminiscing about all the good times my friend and I had growing up, and when we decided to room together our freshman year at ISU.

It's hard to say what train of thought led to my trip down memory lane, but it was that moment that started me thinking about how proud I am to be an alumnus of Indiana State University. And I think what I have to say will resonate with a lot of ISU alumni. I guess we’ll see! 

When I was attending Indiana State, it was known as the red-headed stepchild of public state schools in Indiana. They had the "not so good" reputation of being where all the kids who weren't accepted to Ball State or IU went.  

People were always saying to me “Oh, you’re going to I Screwed Up University!” “It smells there!” Of course, these obscure sources are unknown, unreliable and now probably unemployed.

The truth is, I fell into that bucket as well.  I wasn't accepted to BSU or IU, and I can honestly say with 100% confidence that I’m lucky I wasn't!  And that's why I want to take a moment to thank BSU, IU and most importantly myself for my not being accepted into those institutions.

Well, OK, I take that back.  I do wish I would have worked a little harder at good old Muncie Central and gotten better grades. However, at the time, I was more concerned with utilizing my soccer skills and thought that was my “ticket” to the big leagues. Boy was I wrong! 

Long story short, during my drive this morning, I started thinking not just about my friend and our journey at ISU, but also about all the friends and acquaintances I crossed paths with in Terre Haute. More specifically, my fraternity brothers, marketing major classmates, and freshman year dorm floor buddies!  

A large part of the “more specifically" category I mentioned above continue to be some of my best friends to this very day.  OK, OK, OK…The point of this post is to poke at or throw my middle finger at, all the people who thought, or maybe still think, of ISU students and graduates in the same light today as they did years ago. Hello people, I'm here to tell you that you are wrong on so many levels. 

 Where are the “I Screwed Up University” graduates today you ask? 

Well, my friend who’s turning 35 today is a principal at IPS.

My fraternity brothers are doctors, attorneys, business owners, VPs of pharma, VPs of distribution companies, educators, etc. 

My marketing major classmates are top pharma reps for companies like Roche and Eli Lilly, financial titans, VPs, CPAs, insurance brokerage owners, etc. 

My dorm floor buddies are, of course, the principal, an attorney, and a successfully launched organic grocery operator in Irvington.  

Proud graduate of  scott  college of business-Picture Credit-Indiana State University

Proud graduate of scott college of business-Picture Credit-Indiana State University

In closing, I want to challenge whoever reads this to not judge a book by its cover.  I can’t speak for everyone I mentioned above, but I know everything I have (including my marketing degree at ISU), I had to work my ass off for. I graduated with a 3.5 and that is a testament to me as a person and how I operate to this day!  Just when people think I’m down and out, or that I’ve taken some losses, those are the times when I shine the most. 


I’m extremely excited for my good buddy's birthday tonight, as well as visiting with all the friends I met at Indiana State University and to witness their continued successes.  

Oh, I forgot to mention how excited I am about the future of my agency and where we are headed in 2017!

Did I mention my Social Media Manager is an Indiana State alumnus?!  Fall on Em Trees! 

I Want To Thank You ISU For Being The Perfect Fit For Me! 

-Chris A. Costa