New B2B Client Wins Social Post(s) of Month

First off, I would like to welcome Image360 Indy-Greenwood to the Christopher August family! Image360 Indy-Greenwood provides graphics that enhance, signage that works, and displays that inform your target audience. You can be sure that your colors and designs remain consistent across many applications, ensuring the brand consistency you’ve worked hard to create and maintain. Best of all, their collaborative approach is designed to attain the high quality you seek, while adhering to your timeframe and budget. Their intent is not simply meeting, but exceeding your expectations. As a result, you'll work with a local team of highly motivated experts that are geared with the latest and greatest technologies and only use the highest quality materials and techniques. 


Our First Week With Image360 Indy-Greenwood☟



OBJECTIVE: Grow Brand Awareness, Brand Loyalty, Identify With Our Users. 

AUDIENCE: Indianapolis, Indiana

RESULTS: Created to encourage engagement with our client's brand in a fun/human way. Let's users know that we don't just want to sell them something and we can identify with what interests them, not just us! Build the brand first and sales will come...Ask for the sale right away, you'll probably lose!

CREATED BY- James Crowley